Watts (W) to kVAR Conversion Calculator

Watts to kVAR Calculator:

Enter the real power in watts, Power factor (0 to 1) and then press the calculate button to get the reactive power in kVAR.

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W to kVAR calculation:

kVAR is the unit of reactive power in kilo rating. Hence, the reactive power Q(kVAR) is equal to the real power P(W) in watts times of the tan of cos-1 of the power factor divided by 1000. Therefore calculating W to kVAR,

Reactive power in kVAR = P(W) x tan (cos-1(pf))/ (1000)

kVAR = W x tan (cos-1(pf)) / 1000


Calculate the reactive power in kVAR of the 500 Watts motor operated at 0.86pf.

kVAR = 500 x tan (cos-1(0.86)) / 1000

Reactive power = 500 x 0.59336515 /1000 = 0.296 kVAR

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