Microstrip Wavelength Calculation, Formula, Example

Microstrip Wavelength Calculator

Microstrip was first introduced by IIT federal telecommunications laboratories in new jersey in December 1952. When it was introduced the microstrip is very big in size due to this it allows all the non-transmission electron waves it violate the results. For this reason, the thin microstrip was introduced in 1960 and it became popular in PCB boards.

Microstrip track made of copper and insulating substrate. Microstrip transmission lines the transmitting signals are placed on the top of the track and return signal is placed at the bottom of the backplane this is the reason the microstrip is called as the two-wire transmission.

The components are fixed at the top board is the main advantage of microstrip. Components like filters, switch fixing purpose the external shielding is required. In microstrip different signal frequencies may travel in different speed. Sometime the microstrip will give the unplanned response.



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