kVAR to HP conversion Calculator

kVAR to HP Calculator:

Enter the reactive power in kVAR, power factor (0 to 1) and press the button to ger the motor real power in Horsepower.

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kVAR to HP conversion:

The real power P(HP) in horsepower is equal to 1.31 times of reactive power Q(kVAR) in kilovolt amp reactive divided by the tangent of power angle. Hence, for converting kVAR to HP the formula can be written as,

P(HP) = 1.323 x Q(kVAR) / tan(φ)


P(HP) = 1.323 x Q(kVAR) / tan(cos-1(pf))


A motor consumes 1.31 kVAR at 0.86 power factor and what is the real power of the motor.

Apply our formula,

P(HP) = 1.323 x 1.31 / tan (cos-1(0.86))

 = 2.96 HP.

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