MW to kVAR conversion calculator

MW to kVAR Calculator:

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MW to kVAR calculation:

Kilo volt-ampere reactive kVAR is equal to 1000 times the real power P(MW) in Mega Watts and tangent of the power angle. Hence the MW to KVAR formula can be written as,

Q(kVAR) = 1000 x P(MW) x tan(φ)


Q(kVAR) = 1000 x P(MW) x tan(cos-1(pf))


Let we calculate the reactive power in kVAR or the 0.75MW motor is operated as 0.85 pf.

Reactive power in kVAR= 1000 x 0.75 * tan(cos-1(0.85)

= 1000 x 0.75 x 0.61974434

= 464.808255 kVAR

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