Goa Electricity Bill calculator & Per Unit Rate 2022

Goa Electricity Bill calculator

Enter the unit consumer as per GOA electricity board, Then press the calculate button to get the energy amount, fixed charges and total electricity charges.

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Goa Electricity Tariff Rate:

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Goa is the one of the most popular union place in India. As per latest electricity tariff order, GOA has two tariff categories such as Low income group and LT domestic tariff.

Low Income group Tariff:

People who are having connected load less than 0.1kW with the month consumption of 30 units will come into LIG group. They can pay only ₹ 40 per month per connection.

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Per Unit rate in GOA
Scheme Unit Per unit(₹) Fixed Charges  Per Month
LIG 0-30 40
LT Domestic 0-100 1.4 25/con/month
101-200 2.25
201-300 2.85
301-400 3.65
>400 4.25
Three phase All same as 1ph 60/con/month


LT Domestic tariff:

This tariff is applicable for the domestic residential consumer. They shall pay their electricity bill based on the 5 different slab rates.

  • For first 100 units they shall pay ₹ 1.4 per unit
  • Second 100 units it means from 100 to 200 units, the consumer shall pay ₹ 2.25 per unit
  • Third 100 units from 200 to 300 units, they shall pay ₹ 2.85 per unit.
  • Fourth 100 units from 300 to 400, the consumer shall pay ₹ 3.65/- Per unit
  • Above 400 units, the consumer shall pay ₹ 25 per units.

Additionally all the single phase consumer shall pay ₹  25 per month per connection and for Three phase consumer ₹ 60 per month has to pay as fixed charges.

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Goa is exempted from electricity duty and tax.

Goa Electricity Bill calculation:


Let we calculate the electricity bill for single phase, 900 units as per GOA electricity Latest tariff rate.

The consumer shall pay ₹ 3165 as electricity bill.

Domestic LT tariff Bill Calculation – 900 Units
Scheme Tariff Range Per unit(₹) Unit Billing
LT Domestic 0-100 1.4 100 140
101-200 2.25 100 225
201-300 2.85 100 285
301-400 3.65 100 365
>400 4.25 500 2125
  Energy Charges 3140
Fixed Charges 25
Total 3165

Reference: Goa Latest Tariff Order


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