Exhaust Fan Power Consumption Calculation, Power Saving Tips

Exhaust fan power consumption Calculator:

Enter the exhaust fan wattage, running hours per day and the electricity per unit rate. Press calculate button to get the Exhaust fan power consumption results.

By default, we have added 70 watts High-Speed Brijlax PVC Glass Exhaust Fan for Kitchen/Bathroom (Blade Size 150 MM/6 Inches), White) (@ Amazon) and it works 12 hours per day.

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Exhaust fan power consumption Formula:

The exhaust fan is a small size fan used to remove or exhaust the existing air inside the room. It is mostly used in the kitchen or bathroom area. The exhaust fan size is available from 5 inches to 12 inches with an average consumption of 70 watts per hour.

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The exhaust fan power consumption E(kWh-Exhaust) in kWh is equal to the product of exhaust fan wattage in watts and the total running time in hours per day divided by 1000. Hence the power consumption of exhaust fan per day formula can be written as,

E(kWh-Exhaust) = exhaust fan wattage x running hours per day / 1000

For 30 days,

E(kWh-Exhaust) = 30 x Exhaust fan wattage x running hours per day / 1000

For 365 days,

E(kWh-Exhaust) = 365 x Exhaust fan wattage x running hours per day / 1000

The wattage of the exhaust fan can be seen at the motor nameplate details. Some of the exhaust fan wattage in watts we have collected and the list is below.

Make Size Wattage Blade Available
Luminous 200 35 Plastic
Luminous – Axial 150 55 Plastic
Havells 230 40 Metal
Usha 200 40 Metal Amazon
Luminous Vento 150 30 Plastic Amazon
Havells 300 70 Metal Amazon
DIGISMART 225 22 Metal Amazon
Crompton 300 80 Metal Amazon
Store Suraj 150 22 Plastic Amazon
Usha 150 30 Plastic Amazon
Luminous – Axial 100 18 Plastic Amazon
But you can get in from amazon page also.
Exhaust Fan wattage
Exhaust Fan wattage

Exhaust fan power consumption calculation:

For example, let us consider High-Speed Brijlax PVC Glass Exhaust Fan for Kitchen/Bathroom (Blade Size 150 MM/6 Inches), White (available @ Amazon) and which runs 12 hours per day. Calculate the electricity consumption of the exhaust fan per day, per month and per year.

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According to its nameplate details, the fan consumes 70 watts for one hour. hence per day consumption will be,

Per day E(kWh-Exhaust) = 70 x 12 / 1000 = 0.84 kWh

Note one unit is equal to kWh.

Per day = 0.84 units.

Look at the energy consumption table,

Exhaust Fan Power Consumption -12 hours
 Consumption Total (Wh) kWh
Hourly 70 0.07
Day 840 0.84
Month 25200 25.2
Yearly 302400 302.4


Hence, the yearly consumption will be 302.4 units. It almost 5% of your electricity bill.

Exhaust Fan Power saving tips:

  1. Use electronics regulator for changing the speed of the fan.
  2. Mostly we forget to stop the exhaust fan at the kitchen or bathroom. For that, you can install timer and set the ON and off time.
  3. The sir outlet area should be equal to the fan size. Typically, the outlet air should to be flow freely.
  4. Use smaller size mesh, since larger size mesh blocks the outlet air and will oppose the exhaust air.
  5. Replace the capacitor once in six months, since a weaker capacitor reduces the speed of the exhaust fan and it causes longer run.
  6. Buy plastic blade fan, which consumes lesser power than metal blade fan.
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