Connected Load Calculator, Formula, KSEB Calculation

Connected Load Calculator:

Connected load is nothing but a sum of all individual loads in kWH. It is important to submit the connected load details to avoid the excess electricity bill. According to Kerala state electricity board, all the house hold should submit the connected load of your house.

Connected Load = Number of Lights x kW + Number of fan x kW + Number of water heater x kW +…

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Like that the additional will expand till calculating all loads.

Connected Load Calculation:

Let us consider a house contains 4 number of 40 watts lamp, 5 number of 55watts fan, one 0.5 HP water pump, 2 number of 2kW geyser, 10 number of 25 watts exhaust fan. Calculate the connected load in kW.

Details No Watts kW Total Load (kW)
Lamp 4 40 0.04 0.16
Fan 5 55 0.055 0.275
Water Pump 1 370 0.37 0.37
Geyser 2 2000 2 4
Exhaust Fan 10 25 0.025 0.25
Total 5.055


Here, I have connected the excel sheet for your calculation. Just insert the table and add your additional load. The sheet automatically calculate the connected load of your house.

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Connected Load calculator – Excel Sheet


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