Full Load Current Calculator 3 Phase, 1 Phase & DC

Motor full load current calculator:

Enter Voltage, power and power factor, then press the calculate button to get motor full load current for DC motor, Single phase ac motor and three-phase AC motor.




DC Motor Full Load Current calculation:

DC current I = P / V

P => Power

V => Voltage

AC single phase motor full load current:

AC single phase motor current = P / (V x pf)

P => Single phase power

V = > Voltage across the phase to neutral

Pf => power factor

Three-phase motor full load current:

AC three phase motor current = P / (1.732 x V(L-L) x pf)

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V(L-L) = Line to Line voltage

Also, it can be written as,

I = P / (3 x V(L-P) x pf)

V(L-P) = Line to phase voltage.


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