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Single-phase amps to kVA conversion formula

For converting current to apparent power (Amps to kVA), you need to get the following data such as line voltage and nature of the supply. Look at the apparent power formula,

S(VA) = I(A) * V(V)

For Calculating kVA we need to divide by 1000, Therefore

S(kVA) = I(A) × V(V) / 1000

Hence, apparent power in kVA is equal to multiplication of line current and line voltage divided by 1000.

Apparent power will be denoted by capital ‘S’ and the unit is VA (Volt-Amp)

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Current will be denoted by ‘I’ and the unit is Amps

Line Voltage will be denoted by V in Volts and it will be calculated by measuring the voltage between neutral to phase.

Three-phase amp to kVA Calculation formula

The above formula used in single-phase power system, but for 3 phase amps to kVA conversion we need to use below formula

For three-phase Amps to kVA conversion is simple, it is three times the per phase apparent power. Below three-phase apparent power formula, we get

S(kVA) = 3 × I(A) × VL-N(V) / 1000

if you take voltage between the line to line means, the kVA become,

S(kVA) = 1.732 × I(A) × VL-L(V) / 1000


Convert Amps to kVA of the 10 Amps, 50Hz, 230 Volts single phase transformer. Calculate the kVA rating from the Ampere.

Let us apply a single phase formula,

S(VA) = I(A) * V(V)

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= 10 * 230 Volt-Amp

= 2300 VA

Hope that the above converter will be useful.


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