Voltage Drop Calculator For Copper, Aluminium, iron, Silver Cable

Voltage Drop Calculator

You know, the current flows based on the electron movement, while moving the electron we need to consume some energy to move the electron from one atom to another. This internal energy consumption is called power loss. Voltage associated with the said power loss is called voltage drop.

The value will be calculated by the below voltage drop calculator.

Wire type:  
Resistivity: Ω·m
Wire diameter size:
Wire/cable length (one way):
Current type:
Voltage in volts: V
Current in amps: A
Voltage drop in volts: V
Percentage of voltage drop: %
Wire resistance: Ω

Voltage drop Formula for DC/Single Phase:

Vdrop = I*R

Here I is the flow of current and R is the resistance of the circuit and R will be calculated by below formula

The resistance of the wire = resistivity of the material* Length/Cross-section of the cable,

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How our voltage drop calculator works:

Step1: First you need to enter the correct cable, Also we have internally arranged the following cables such as Copper, iron, silver, aluminium, gold, nichrome, Nickol etc. Select one of them. After your cable selection, the resistivity will be taken into account automatically, you do not want to enter the value. In case, if you have different grade cable other than the existing one, you can change the value.

Step2: Enter the diameter of the cable by choosing a different unit such as AWG, MM, and Inch. If you have the cable in sqmm means you can use below chart of sqmm to AWG chart. By choosing the right one, you can change the units

Step3: Enter the length of the cable in feet or meters

Step4: Now choose the type of current flow in the cable.

Step:5 Click the calculate button and you get the results of voltage drop calculator online. And by pressing the reset button, you can change all values.

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AWG to MM2 Chart

MM to AWG to MM2 Chart
MM to AWG to MM2 Chart


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