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Amps to kW Converter & Calculator:

Below just enter current and voltage of the single-phase or three-phase or DC current. Our Amp to kW converter will give you the exact results one the “Power result in kilowatts

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Amps to kW Converter

Amps is the unit of current and kW is the unit of active power. For converting current to active power (kW), you need the following data such as voltage, number of phase and power factor. Here kW indicates the kiloWatt which means the multiplication of 1000 * Watt. The active or real power P will be

P = V*I* Cos (pi)

For calculating real power ins kW

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P(kW) = (V*I* Cos (pi))/1000

V => Voltage

I => Current flow through the circuit

Cos(pi) => power factor of the system.

Hence, for calculating current to kW, we have to use the below-mentioned formula.

Current IAmp = P(kW)/ (V(Volts)* cos(pi))

Above said formula suitable for single phase.

Three phase Amp to kW Converter

For calculating three-phase formula we need to multiple by 3.

Three-phase real power in kW is

P = 3*Vphase*Iline* Cos (pi)

Here the voltage is considering as line to neutral voltage and current is line current.

By considering line to line voltage the three-phase real power formula will be

P = √3*V(Line-Line) *I(line)* Cos (pi)

Three phase Real power in kW. We need to divide by 1000 of the above formula, hence

P(kW) = √3*V(Line-Line) *I(line)* Cos (pi) / 1000

By converting Amp to kW

I(line) = P(kW) *1000/ (V(Line-Line) * Cos (pi) * √3)

DC Amp to kW Conversion:

For direct-current, the power factor becomes one, therefore calculating dc current Amp to kW, just use the below formula

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P(kW) = V*I / 1000

I = P(kW) * 1000 / V



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