Top 5 Transformers App For Calculation, Designing, MCQ, Learning

Transformers Calculator App:

The transformer calculation app is used to calculate the transformer full load amps, rating calculations, wire size calculations, more details information about the various types of the transformer etc,

The app contains annoying advertisement; the app does not access your internet or storage devices.

Also, you can find the many transformers materials for learning, some features are below mentioned,

  • Construction
  • Cooling types
  • Liquid vs Dry transformers
  • Technical specification
  • Transformers calculations

The app occupies 4.5MB memory with 115MB on background running storage. The latest update that we have received on April 30 2020.


Read Reviews:

Exactly what I was looking for! I never expected to find anything as comprehensive as this app has turned out to be. I reverse-engineered a transformer yesterday, entered the core values in the app and got exactly the same number of turns and wire size used by the manufacturer. Can’t beat that!

Nothing fancy about it but it works. I input the data for a 10Kva toroidal I designed the old fashioned way and it came up with the same results for tpv, wire size, etc. Seems like a good calculator to me.

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Transformer Designer App:

Another basic model transformer designing app. By using this app, you can calculate the required number of turns by entering the primary voltage, secondary voltage, the line frequency (60Hz or 50Hz) and the cross-sectional area of the core.

The App has a 4.1-star rating in the google play store, this app has access to view network connections & full network access. The overall size of the app is 2.5MB hence it does not occupy high space in your mobile devices.

The app has 50000 active installs for the android version between 4.1 and up devices.


Electrical- Transformer Design App

Another interesting transformer designing app, the app contains transformer designing scripts of primary and secondary core designs, winding conductor designs etc. The only negative thing is the transformer designing app contains ads. The size of the app is 8.2MB and takes 215 MB of RAM space while running. But it does not run on the background.

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The app accesses your internet connection, other than no permission required. It is suitable for above android devices 4.0.3 +

They are updating the apps periodically and they have the current installation of 10000 Number in play store.


Transformer design Calculator App

It is used to calculate the turns ratio for the construction of single-phase transformers, three-phase & autotransformers. This calculation can be achieved by two methods one is, the power VA (Volt-Amp), the app returns over the turns ratio, wire section also the type of plate to be used is the thickness of the package. Another one is according to the size of the spool. The app calculates the power of the minimum and maximum should be given guidance on the kind of spool, handing you back turns ratio and section thread.


Transformers and Coils Knowledge App:

The app contains lot of study material about transformer coils. also, it has an additional feature of multiple choice of questions. It will be useful for the student, veterans and also for those who are interested in transformers.

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It does not require much space since it has only 2.5 MB. It is suitable for android devices above 4.4plus. It accesses your network, cookies to serve advertisements.



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