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Transformer Power calculator:

Enter the VA rating and power factor the press the calculate button to get precious answer in Watts. Incase if the rating is mentioned in kVA or MVA then convert them into VA.

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Transformers are always rated in VA or, kVA or MVA but sometime we may need to calculate the real power in Watt or kW or MW capacity of the transformer. That calculation is used to find out the rated real power of a transformer for using induction loads with variour power factor.

Transformer power conversion calculations.

Transformer power P(W) in Watts is equal to rated power factor times of the rated VA rating S(VA). P(W) can be written as

P(W) = S(VA) x pf

Also, power can be calculated from kVA and MVA as below

P(W) = S(kVA) x pf x 1000

P(W) = S(MVA) x pf x 1000000

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Transformer power P(kW) in kiloWatts (kW) is equal to the multiplication of power factor and rated kVA rating S(kVA) of the transformer.

P(kW) = S(kVA) x pf

Transformer real power P(MW) in Mega Watts is equal to the power factor times of the MVA rating of the transformer.

P(MVA) = S(MVA) x pf


A transformer name plate details are 15kW, 0.86 pf, 440V. Calculate the rated real power of the transformer

P(kW) = 15 * 0.86 = 12.9 kW

Power in kiloWatts is 12.9kW


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