Electrical License Uttar Pradesh Wireman, Supervisor, Contractor

The electrical license in Uttar Pradesh is having three categories such as electrical wireman license, electrical contractor license, and electrical supervisor license. Let us see, how to get them all the above electrical licenses in Uttar Pradesh state.

Electrical Wireman License:

The wireman license allows the person to work within the Uttar Pradesh state.


  • Could have passed wireman courses in a Government approved colleges.
  • Must be dominical in Uttar Pradesh.

Documents Required:

  • Duly fill the application form which can be collected from the Electrical Inspector to Government, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow
  • Technical certificates are attested by a stipendiary Magistrate or a Gazette Government Officer;
  • Treasury Chalan in support of payment of application fee of 180/- payable for ”0043- बिजली पर कर और शुल्क, 102- भारतीय बिजली नियमों के अन्तर्गत फीस”
  • Recent photocopy of 2” X 2½” size with the name written thereon and duly attested by a stipendiary Magistrate or a Gazetted Government officer on the front in one of the copies and on the back on the other;
  • Candidate signature in duplicate duly attested by stipendiary Magistrate or a Gazetted Government Officer;
  • Character Certificate of Principle Academic Officers of the Institution at which the applicant last studied or a Certificate of character from the employer, if any;
  • Age proof certificate such as voter Id or driving license.
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How to apply:

After preparing all the documents, please send them to the Director, Power Safety, Uttar Pradesh Government, Lucknow

After the verification, the board call for the exam, and after passing the exam, you get the wireman electrical license.

Electrical Supervisor License:

An electrical supervisor license allows the person to supervise the ongoing electrical work within the state.


  • Electrical engineering or diploma in electrical with one year experience or two year electrical supervisor course in a Government approved sector.


  • Application form
  • Educational Qualification certificate attested by a Green ink holder.
  • Work experience is attested by an Electrical inspector level officer.
  • Application fee of 180/- payable for ”0043- बिजली पर कर और शुल्क, 102- भारतीय बिजली नियमों के अन्तर्गत फीस”
  • The remaining documents are the same as the wireman permit.

After submission of your license application, the board review your application and call for examination.

Application fee for:-

(a) Examination or exemption from Supervisors Examination Rs. 45=00

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(b) Examination or exemption from Appearing in Wiremen Examination Rs. 30=00

Examination fee for:-

(a) Supervisor’s Examination on Common Syllabus (Oral and Practical) Rs. 90=00

(b) Supervisor’s Examination on Common Syllabus (Written) Rs. 60=00

(c) Supervisor’s Examination on U.P. Syllabus (Oral and Practical) Rs. 60=00

(d) Supervisor’s Examination on U.P. Syllabus (Written) Rs. 30=00

(e) Wireman Examination on U.P. Rs. 30=00

Electrical Contractor License:

In UP we have two contractor license categories such as Class A and Class B. Class A allows to carry all voltage level electrical work and the class B contractor only can do MV and LV electrical work within the district.

Eligibility for Class A License:

Must have the following

  • The stock of wiring material worth 1,00,000 INR.
  • One supervisor holding a certificate of competency and two wireman holding permits issued by the electrical inspector of GOVT.
  • If the work is carried more than one district, you should keep an additional one wireman.
  • Meggar 500V, voltmeter 0 to 650 AC and DC, Ammeter 0 to 50 Amps both AC and DC and earth tester. All the tools must be tested in the centralized lab.
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Class B License eligibility.

  • Wiring material stock of 50,000/-
  • One supervisor competency holder + one wireman permit holder, if the work is adjoining another district means, you should have an additional wireman permit holder.
  • Meggar 500 V.

All the equipment should be manufactured as per Indian standards.

If the contractor himself is a competency holder means, you do not need to hire an additional supervisor but you should have the required number of wireman.

Application Fee:

The applicant shall pay nonrefundable fees in the form of challan in favor of ”0043- बिजली पर कर और शुल्क, 102- भारतीय बिजली नियमों के अन्तर्गत फीस.

Description Fee
Fee For Inspection 150
License fee 750
Renewal Fee 225
Late Fee 75
Fee for settlement 30
Fee for making Appeal 10
Duplicate copy 75
Change in name 100


The application form is available from this link. Just scroll the page and press the next button to get your required application.

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