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Watt to volts conversion Formula (W to V)

As you know, Watt is the unit of Power and it is denoted by P(W); Volts is the SI unit of Voltage and it is denoted by V(V); Ampere is the SI unit of current and the same denoted by I(A);

  • The DC volts is equal to watt divided by the current for DC circuits
  • The Single phase AC volts is equal to Watt divided by the multiplication of current and Voltage.
  • Three-phase AC volts is equal to Watt divided by root three times of multiplication of current and power factor.
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From the above relation, we can easily write the formula as follow,

DC volts V(V) = P(W) / I(A)

Single-phase Volts formula:

V(V) = P(W) / (PF × I(A) )

Three-phase Line to Line Volts formula: 

VL-L(V) = P(W) / (3 × PF × I(A) )
P(W) / (1.732 × PF × I(A) )

Three-phase Line to neutral Volts formula:

VL-N(V) = P(W) / (3 × PF × I(A))


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