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kW to VAR Calculator:

Enter the real power in kW (kiloWatts), power factor pf and then press the calculate button to get the reactive power in VAR.

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kW to VAR calculation

VAR is equal to the 1000 times of the real power P(kW) in kiloWatts and the tangent of the cosine inverse of the power factor. Hence the kW to VAR conversion formula can be written as,

Q(VAR) = 1000 x P(kW) * tan (cos-1(pf))


Calculate the reactive power in VAR of the 22kW motor is running at 0.96 pf.

VAR = 1000 x 22 x tan (cos-1(0.96))

VAR = 22000 x 0.29166667

Reactive power in VAR = 6416 Volt amp reactive

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