Hysteresis Loss Calculation Calculator With Formula

Hysteresis Loss Calculator:

Enter the hysteresis constant, flux density in web/m2, frequency in Hz and thickness t in meters, height h in meters and l length of the magnetic material in the meter. Then press the calculate button to get the results.

Enter Hysteresis Constant:  
Enter Thickness of the sheet Meters
Enter Maximum Flux Density: wb/m2
Enter Frequency: Hz
Enter height of the sheet: Meters
Enter length of the Sheet: Meters
Result – Hysteresis loss: Watts

Hysteresis loss calculation formula

Hysteresis loss Ph in Watts is equal to multiplication of hysteresis or Steinmetz’s constant Kh in J/m3 , maximum flux density  Bmax in weber per meter2 to the power of 1.6, frequency F in Hz and Volume of magnetic material in m3. And the formula can be rewritten as

Ph = Kh x Bmax1.6 x f x V   Watts

Where Volume V = t x h x l

Hysteresis loss for per unit volume

Ph = Kh x Bmax1.6 x f Watts

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