Electric Motor Power Consumption Calculator & 3 Phase motor Formula

Electric Motor power consumption calculator:

Choose the rated capacity of the motor in W, or kW or HP and percentage of load and operating time in hours. Then press the calculate button, you see the total energy consumption of the motor.

Our Calculator suitable for all the loads such as DC moto, single-phase motor and three-phase motor.

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Electric Motor power consumption Formula:

The total power consumption E(kWh) is equal to 0.746 times of multiplication of total operating hours t(h) in hour, the rated power P(HP) in HP and the X percentage of the load.

E(kWh) = 0.746 * P(HP) * X * t(h)

Total Power consumption = 0.746 * Horsepower * load percentage * Operating Hours.

If you have the data in days means, convert days into hours.

t(h) = Total days * number of hours operated in a day

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If the motor P(kW) is rated in kW means, the power consumption calculation become,

E(kWh) = P(kW) * X * t(h)

If the motor power P(W) is rated in Watt means, the power consumption calculation become,

E(kWh) = 0.001 * P(W) * X * t(h) 

Note: 1 HP is equal to 0.746 kW

Here the HP rating or kW rating can be found at the motor nameplate details.

Note: The motor nameplate details will be placed near to the motor terminal box.

The above calculations are suitable for DC motor, AC single phase motor and 3 phase motor.


Calculate the total power consumption of the 3 Phase 30HP motor is operating for 38 days at 70% of the full load and the motor is operated at 14 hours per day.

Step1: First calculate the total number of hours

T(h) = 38 * 14 = 532 hours

Use our power calculation formula,

 E(kWh) = 0.746 * 30 * 532 * 0.7 = 8334 kWh

Hence the total power consumed by the motor is 8334 units or kWh

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For calculating electricity bill just multiply the total power consumed by the motor with the per kWh price.

The electricity cost = Total power consumption * per kWh price

In our example,

let we take 7.5 rs per unit means the total electricity bill will be 11906 * 7.5 = Rs. 62507.34




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