Capacitance, Reactance, and Admittance Calculation, Formula, Example

Capacitance, Reactance, and Admittance Calculator

This calculator is used to find out the capacitance reactance and admittance.
The capacitance is a storage device which is mainly used store the electrical energy. The combined form of resistance and reactance is called the impedance. Reactance is found in both inductors and capacitors which reactance affects only in AC power currents it mainly depends on frequency. admittance is to measure the how much amount of current is flowing in the circuit. The unit of admittance is siemens(S) and mho (℧).
The difference between the resistance and reactance is both are restricting the current in electrical circuit. The resistance measures the obstruction current flow, reactance measures obstruction in current change.
By giving the capacitance value and frequency the output will be calculated.

Capacitance, Reactance, and Admittance Calculation, Formula, Example

Capacitive reactance equals to reciprocal of 6.28 product of frequency (which is indicated as F) in hertz and capacitance (which is indicated as C)
XC= 1/2πfC
XC = Capacitive reactance in ohms
F = Frequency in hertz
C= Capacitance in farads

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These capacitance, reactance and admittance are used in industrial automations in bigger industries, cybersecurity, digital signal processing etc.,

Let’s consider capacitance C as 25 picofarad and frequency F as 50 megahertz.
Let’s apply formula

XC =1/6.28*50*25
XC = 127.3 Ω


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