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Residual Current Circuit Breaker – RCCB

RCCB Residual Current Circuit Breaker: RCCB is used to protect the electrical circuit from earth fault. Formally It is called as ELCB (Earth leakage Circuit...
Difference Between MCB and RCCB 1

15 Difference Between MCB and RCCB

Difference Between MCB and RCCB: MCB is Miniature circuit breaker and RCCB is Residual current circuit breaker. Both are most commonly used device in electrical....

8 Difference Between ELCB and RCCB

Difference Between ELCB and RCCB: ELCB stands for Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker and RCCB stands for Residual Case Circuit Breaker. ELCB and RCCB is the...

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