Interview Questions

Interview Questions

    1. 7 Purpose of NGR Neutral Grounding Resistor Transformer & Generator
    2. Arc Horn are used in High Voltage Transmission Line Why?
    3. Electric Shock | How Does human body get electric shock
    4. Ferrite Core On Cable | Why Ferrite Core | Working Principle
    5. How Does Series Reactor Reduce Harmonic

    1. Main Purpose of Damper Winding in Generator
    2. Most Dangerous AC Shock or DC Shock
    3. Purpose of Chokes in Tube Light
    4. Reason For Transformer Core Saturation
    5. Single Phase System vs Three phase System
    6. Transformer Taps Are Provided On High Voltage Side Why?
    7. What Happen Capacitor Bank Connected in no load
    8. What happens if DC supply given to the Inductor
    9. What is Cogging of Induction Motor Definition and Explanation
    10. What is Crawling of Induction Motor Definition & Simple Explanation

    1. What is Electrical Grid
    2. What is The Purpose Of Stockbridge Damper In Transmission Line
    3. Why 25kV is used in Railway Traction System
    4. Why 60 Watts incandescent Bulb Glow in Yellow color
    5. Why Aluminium and Copper Vessels & Pot not Used in Induction Stove
    6. Why Are Alternators Rating in KVA or MVA
    7. Why Battery Cannot Store AC voltage
    8. Why Capacitor and Inductor are used in Filtering Circuit
    9. Why Capacitor Has Leading Power Factor
    10. Why capacitor is required for Single phase motor
    11. Why Capacitors Use As High Voltage Protection
    12. Why DC Does Not Have Power Factor ?

    1. Why DC Voltage is preferred for Control circuit? 
    2. Why Does Bird Not Get Shock on Transmission lines?
    3. Why Earth Pin is Plastic Thicker and Longer
    4. Why Earthing Transformer are used
    5. Why High Voltage is Preferred to Transmit the Power
    6. Why in India 11kV, 22kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV…
    7. Why India has 50 Hz Power System and US has 60 Hz 110 Volts Power System
    8. Why induction motor Takes high starting current
    9. Why Inductor Has Lagging Power Factor
    10. Why Inductors Use In Filtering Circuit and VFDs
    11. Why is Battery United AmpsHour AH
    12. Why Lighting Transformer Used for Lighting Loads
    13. Why Permanent magnet generator (PMG) poles are high

  1. Why PT and CT Terminals are Star Connected
  2. Why Stones are used in Transformer Yard & Switchyard?
  3. Why Tertiary Winding is used in transformer?
  4. Why VFD Duty Motor Frame Size is Higher Than Normal Motor
  5. Why we should not give dc supply to Transformer
  6. Why Wind Turbine Has Only Three Blades Not More or Less
  7. Why Zig-Zag Winding Transformer Used