Geyser Power consumption (1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 15, 25 Liter)

Geyser Power consumption calculator:

Enter the rated power of the geyser (you can find it from spec sheet), total operating hours per day, and per-unit cost. Then press the calculate button to get the power consumption of geyser.

Hours Used Per Day: Hr
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Geyser power consumption:

Geyser is a wall mounted water heater used for heating the water in live flow. It is availed from 1 Liter to 25 litters. The power rating is available from 500 Watts to 5000 Watts. Example if your geyser’s related power is 1000 Watts means, the geyser consumes 1kW per hour.

Hence the total power consumption of geyser is equal to the rated power times of the total operating hours. The Geyser power consumption formula can be written as

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Total consumption E(kWh) = Rated Capacity of the geyser * Total Operating hours.

E(kWh) = P(kW) * Hr


Let we calculate the power consumption of Crompton 25 liter geyser. As per the technical sheet, it consumes 2000W per hour and it operates 3 hours per day.

Use our formula,

Total consumption = 2000 * 3 = 6000Wh

Converting Wh to kWh:

25-litre geyser power consumption = 6kWh per day

Look at the detail consumption of per hour, per day, per month and per year,

25 Liter  Geyser Power Consumption
 Consumption Total (Wh) kWh
Hourly 2000 2
Day 6000 6
Month 180000 180
Yearly 2160000 2160


10-litre geyser power consumption

Taken another example of 10-liter geyser, calculate the power consumption per day, per month, and per day.

By average, 10-litre geyser consumes 2kW watts per hour, 48kW per day, 1440 kW per month and 17520 kW per year.

By considering per unit rate as ₹ 3, the total cost per day will be ₹ 144. Look at the table,

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10 liter geyser Power Consumption
 Consumption Total (Wh) kWh Cost
Hourly 2000 2 6
Day 48000 48 144
Month 1440000 1440 4320
Yearly 17520000 17520 51840


Geyser Wattage Based On Star Rating:

Geyser Wattage – Based 5 star rating
Capacity Pressure Watts Star Cheap Price
1 8 3000 5 Amazon
3 8 3000 5 Amazon
5 8 3000 5 Amazon
6 8 2000 5 Amazon
10 8 2000 5 Amazon
15 8 2000 5 Amazon
25 8 2000 5 Amazon


Geyser Wattage – Based 4 star rating
Capacity Pressure Watts Star Cheap Price
1 8 3000 4 Amazon
3 6 3000 4 Amazon
5 6.5 3000 4 Flipkart
6 8 3000 4 Amazon
10 8 2000 4 Amazon
15 7 2000 4 Amazon
25 8 2000 4 Amazon


Tips to save energy on geyser:

  • Keep the geyser temperature around 50deg. Since increasing the water temperature increases the power consumption. Technically we required 0.0012kWh to rise the temperature for one dregree for one liter water. like that you can calculate the qty and times. You can set the timer for heating the water for the particular time.
  • Change your bathing schedule. I.e if you want to go to the work for afternoon means, you can bath @10-11 AM. That time you do need to use geyser at all. Normally the water will be in warm condition.
  • Keep the geyser near to the delivering pipe.
  • Switch on the geyser when you really need it.
  • Calibrate geyser thermostat at least yearly once. The thermostat is the device used to cut off the electricity to the geyser after reaching the set temperature. Incorrect operation or late cut off may lead to increasing the heat output which increases the power consumption.
  • Use the low power consumes geyser such as 5-star rating, solar water heating etc.
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