Electrical Basic

    1. 2 Ways We Can Save Power in Your House
    2. AC DC Full Load Current Calculation Formula
    3. Alternating Current Easy to Understand For Student
    4. Alternating Current’s Important Terms and Condition’s Definition
    1. Basic Concept of Bucholzz Relay Working Principle
    2. Basic Concept of DC Generator and Types of DC generator
    3. Basic Differential Relay Working Function
    4. Basically What is conductor, Insulator, Semiconductor
    5. Conditions For Transformer Parallel Operation
    6. Control Circuit Control Supply Power Circuit Power Supply Definition
    1. CT Operated Thermal Over Load Relay Current setting Calculation
    2. Current Divider Rule For Easy Understanding
    3. DC Motor Nameplate Details Explantion
    4. Earthing Procedure for Electrical Panel & Home Appliances
    5. Faraday’s Law Electromagnetic Induction
    6. Fleming Left Hand Rule- Easy Remembering Tips
    7. Fleming Right Hand Rule- Easy Remembering Tips
    8. Harmonic In Electrical | How Electrical Harmonics Occurs in Power system
    9. History of Electrical Engineering
    10. How To Make A Electrical Starter and Power Circuit
    11. How to Measure Magnetic Flux Using Magnetometer
    12. How to Measure Voltage and Current
    13. How to Read Alternator Nameplate Details 31.5MVA , 4 Pole, Synchronous Alternator
    14. Identification of Motor Frame Size 132M & Motor EFF class EFF1 EFF2
    15. Indian Standard IS International Electromechanical Commission IEC
    1. Isolation Transformer | Purpose Of Isolation Transformer
    2. Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law Kirchhoff’s Current Law Easy Understanding
    3. Leading Power Factor And Lagging Power Factor
    4. Line Voltage to Phase Voltage Line Current to Phase Current Relationship
    5. Lux Meter
    6. Magnetic Field
    7. Power Factor Improvement | Reactive Power Compensation Methods
    8. Power Transformer & Distribution Transformer
    9. Relationship Between Work, Energy and Power
    10. Residual Current Circuit Breaker – RCCB
    11. SI Units System
    12. Significance of Leakage Reactance of Transformer
    13. Torque Equation of Three Phase Induction Motor
    14. Types of Capacitors Based on Material Used
    15. Vector Sum Three Phase Current
    16. Voltage Divider or Potential Divider
    17. Voltage Source
    18. What is an electric charge? Coulombs Law of electrical charge
      1. What is an electric charge? Coulombs Law of electrical charge
      2. What is Balance Load & Unbalance Load EEE Student
      3. What is Battery
      4. What is Capacitance, Capacitor Series and Parallel Connection
      5. What is Capacitor Basic Concept Of Capacitor
      6. What is Conductance
      7. What is Conventional Current and Electron Current
      8. What is Current Source
      9. What is Cycle of Alternating Current
      10. What is Delta connection in Three Phase Power System
      11. What is Dielectric Material
      12. What is Direct Current Simple Practical Explanation
      13. What is Electric Circuit and Electronic Circuit
      14. What is Electric Current, Fundamental Types Of Current
      15. What is Electric Field, Electric Field Intensity, Electric Field Density
      16. What is Electrical Network
      17. What is Field in Physics, Types Of Field in Electrical System
      18. What is Flux and Types Of Flux
      19. What is Free Electron and Basic Free Electron Concept?
      20. What is Free Electron and Basic Free Electron Concept? Copper Orbit Structure
    1. What is Frequency and How To Measure Frequency
    2. What is Impedance Reactance Impedance Triangle
    3. What is Instantaneous Current
    4. What is Magnetic Flux
    5. What is Meant by Open Circuit
    6. What is Motor? How Motor Works With Graphical Presentation
    7. What is MPCB Motor Protection Circuit Breaker
    8. What is Neutral Why Neutral is required in Single Phase Power Distribution
    9. What is Ohms Law Simple Concept for EEE student
    10. What is Phase,Phase Angle,Phase Difference Easy Understanding
    11. What is Power Factor & Power Triangle
    12. What is Power System, How Power system Works
    13. What is Pure Inductor Definition, Self Inductance and Mutual Inductance
    14. What is Reactive Power
    1. What Is Resistance? Resistive of the Resistor & One Ohm Resistance
    2. What is Resistor Resistance in series and Parallel Circuit
    3. What is Short Circuit
    4. What is Slip of the Induction motor
    5. What is Slip ring induction motor Practical explanation and Pictured
    6. What is Star Connection in Three Phase Power System
    7. What is Temperature
    8. What is Voltage, Basic Concept of Voltage For Student
    9. What is Waveform
  1. Why CT secondary should not Open condition- Live Test Demo
  2. Why PT burden is high Compare with CT burden?
  3. Why Star delta starters are preferred for higher HP motor
  4. Working Function of Radio meter
  5. Definition for Circuit diagram and Common Wiring Scheme-I
  6. What is Step potential and Touch Potential and Calculation