Volts to Joules Conversion Calculator (V to J) Online

Volts to joules Conversion Calculator:

Enter the voltage in volts and charge in Columb at the respective column. By clicking calculate the press button to get the energy in joules.

Enter volts: V
Enter coulombs: C
Result in joules: J

Energy is the multiplication of voltage and electric charge. Therefore, energy is divided by electric charge is equal to the voltage.

V(V) = E(J) / Q(C)

E(J) = V(V) * Q(C)

Energy = Volts * Charge


Calculate the energy in joules for the electric circuit of supply voltage 24 V and the charge flow is 10 Coulombs, what is the energy in joules?

Apply our equation,

E(J) = V(V) * Q(C)

Energy = 24 V x 10 C = 240 Joules (J).


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