Volts to Joules Conversion Calculator (V to J) Online

Volts to joules Conversion Calculator:

Enter the voltage in volts and charge in Columb at the respective column. By clicking calculate the press button to get the energy in joules.

Enter volts: V
Enter coulombs: C
Result in joules: J

Energy is the multiplication of voltage and electric charge. Therefore, energy is divided by electric charge is equal to the voltage.

How to convert from one unit to ano...
How to convert from one unit to another

V(V) = E(J) / Q(C)

E(J) = V(V) * Q(C)

Energy = Volts * Charge


Calculate the energy in joules for the electric circuit of supply voltage 24 V and the charge flow is 10 Coulombs, what is the energy in joules?

Apply our equation,

E(J) = V(V) * Q(C)

Energy = 24 V x 10 C = 240 Joules (J).


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