Phase Voltage to Line Voltage Conversion Calculator

Phase voltage to line voltage calculator:

Enter the phase voltage then press the calculate button to get the line voltage.

Enter Phase Voltage: V
Result – Line voltage: V

Line voltage is V(L-L) in volts equal to root 3 times of the phase voltage V(L-N) in volts.

V(L-L) = V(L-N) x 1.732

Example: What is the line voltage of the delta connected system whose phase voltage is 240 Volts.

Apply our formula

V(L-L) = 240 x 1.732 = 415 Volts.

V(L-L) = 415 Volts.


If the system is delta connected, then

V(L-N) = V(L-L)

Line voltage in volts is equal to Line to neutral voltage in volts

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