MVAR to Amps Conversion Calculator

MVAR to Amps Calculator:

For calculating MVAR to Amps, Enter the reactive power values in MVAR, Line voltage (3 phase), Phase voltage for single phase. Then press the calculate button to get the current in Amps.

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MVAR to Amps Calculation:

For calculating Amps from MVAR, the current in Amps I(A) is equal to the 100000 times of Reactive Power Q(MVAR) in Mega volt-ampere reactive divide by the phase voltage V(V) in volts for single phase.

If you want to calculate 3 phase current in amps means, the current I(A) in Amps is equal to the 100000 times of MVAR divided by the 1.732 times of the line voltage V(L-V) in volts.

Hence the MAVR to A formula can be written as,

For single-phase:

I(A) = 1,000,000 x Q(MVAR) / V(V)

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Current in Amps I(A) = 1,000,000 x MVAR / Voltage

For three-phase:

I(A) = 1,000,000 x Q(MVAR) / (1.732 x V(L-V))

I(A) = 1,000,000 x MVAR / 1.732 x Voltage

MVAR to Amps calculation:


Let we calculate the ampere for 10MVAR Capacitor banks is connected across 11000Volts @ three-phase.

Apply our formula,

Current in Amps = 1000000 x 10 / (1.732 x 11000).

 = 524.8 Amps.

Hence 10 MVAR capacitor bank can give 524.8 Amps reactive current.


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