MVA to HP Conversion Calculator MegaVolt Amp to Horse Power

MVA to HP Conversion Calculator:

Enter Megavolt amp and power factor to get the result in horsepower.

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MVA to HP Conversion Formula:

Horsepower P(HP) is equal to 1340 times of product of apparent power S(MVA) in MVA and power factor. Hence for calculating MVA to HP,

P(HP) = 1340 x S(MVA) x pf

Power in HP = 1340 x apparent power in MVA x power factor.


Calculate the HP rating of 1.375 MVA 3 phase induction motor at the power factor 0.8.

P(HP) = 1340 x 1.375 x 0.8

Horsepower = 1474 HP, approximately 1500 HP.

Hence, 1.375 Mega Volt-amp motor can be rated as 1500 HP at 0.8 power factor.

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