kVAR to kVA Conversion Calculator

kVAR to kVA Calculator:

Enter the reactive power in kilo volt-ampere reactive, power factor between 0 to 1.

Enter the Reactive Power (kVAR): kVAR
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Result – Apparant Power: kVA

kVAR to kVA Calculation:

Apparent power S(kVA) in kilovolt amp is equal to the reactive power Q(kVAR) in kilo Volt-Amp Reactive divided by the sin of power angle. Hence for kVAR to kVA, the formula can be written as,

S(kVA) = Q(kVAR) / sin (φ)

Or if you know the power factor value means, we can rewrite the kVAR to kVA formula as below,

S(kVA) = Q(kVAR) / sin (cos-1(pf))


A generator is sending 25kVAR reactive power @ 0.95 pf to the load, hence calculate the apparent power of the motor.

S(kVA) = 25 / sin (cos-1(0.95))

S(kVA) = 25 / 0.3122499 = 80 kVA.

The generator will be running at 80kVA apparent power.

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