HP to Torque (Nm & ft lb) Conversion Calculator

HP to torque (Nm) Conversion Calculator:

Enter the horsepower in Hp and Speed in rpm, then press the calculate button. You see the results in torque in Nm and ft·lb.

Enter Power in Horsepower: HP
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Result – Torque in Newton-meter: Nm
Result – Torque in Pound foot: lb-ft

HP to torque (Nm) Calculation:

Torque T(Nm) in Newton meter (Nm) is equal to the 746 times of power P(HP) in horsepower divided by the 0.105 times of the motor speed N(rpm) in RPM. In another short word, 7127 times of horsepower divided by the motor speed is equal to motor torque.

 T(Nm) = 746 * P(HP) / (2*3.14*N(rpm) / 60)

= 746*P(HP)/0.105*N(rpm)

= 7127*P(HP)/ N(rpm)

Look at the formula the motor power is directly proportional to the torque but the motor speed is indirectly proportional to the torque. That’s why for high torque application, the low-speed motor is recommended.

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Also, our hp to Nm conversion calculator is designed to get the equivalent value of torque in Foot-pound force unit (lb-ft).

I Nm = 0.74 ft·lb.


A three-phase motor has rated power of 30HP & the rated speed of 1480rpm. Calculate the rated torque can be developed by the motor.

Apply our Hp to torque conversion formula,

T(Nm) = 7127*30 / 1480 = 144 Nm

The rated torque for the 30 HP motor developed by the motor


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