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Hp to MVA Conversion Formula:

MVA is mega voltamp which is used to indicate the rating of larger size transformer and generator. Here MVA is equal to 746 times of power P(HP) divided by 106 times of power factor. Hence for converting HP to MVA,

S(MAV) = 746 x P(HP) / (pf x 106)


S(MVA) = 0.000746 x P(HP) / pf

Apparent power in MVA = 746 x Horsepower / (power factor x 1000000)


Calculate the apparent power in MVA rating of the 5000 HP motor at 0.9 power factor.

S(MVA) = 746 x 5000 / (0.9 x 106) = 4.14 MVA

Hence 5000 HP motor can deliver 4.14 MVA apparent power at 0.9 power factor.

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