Cable Diameter Calculation Formula & Excel Calculator For Cable Diameter

Cable Diameter Calculation Formula:

Cable diameter Dcable is equal to the 1.2 times of square root of the total number of conductor N times of the square of the conductor diameter dconductor. Hence cable diameter calculation formula can be written as,

For single-core,

Cable diameter Dcable = 1.2 x  (N x dconductor2)

For multiple N core,

Cable diameter Dcable = 1.2 x  ((Ncore1 x dconductor-core12)+ (Ncore2 x dconductor-core22)+…+ (NcoreN x dconductor-coreN2)))

Note: This cable diameter chart helps you to find the cable bundle diameter only.

Cable Bundle Diameter calculator in Excel:

Excel format of cable diameter calculator helps you to find the diameter of the multiple core cable. It will fast your work.

Download the Excel

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