Speed Formula, Time to Speed Conversion, Example, Units

What is Speed?

The velocity formula is defined as the rate at which an object travels a certain distance. Velocity can be measured as the distance traveled by a body in a given period of time.

The SI unit of speed is m/s. In this section, we will learn more about the velocity formula and its applications In this section we will explore more about the velocity formula. Different units can be used to express speed like m/s, km/hr, miles/hr. The dimensional formula for velocity is [LT-1].

Velocity is a measure of how fast a body is moving.

We can use the velocity formula to find the speed of the object, given the distance and time it takes to cover that distance. The speed formula can be used to calculate distance or time by substituting known values ​​into the formula for speed and further evaluation.

Speed Formula:

Speed formula is Speed(s) in second is equal to the Distance (m) in meter and divided by the time(s) in second.Hence the speed formula can be written as

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Speed(m/s) =Distance (m)/ time(s)


A  train covered a distance of 150 km in a hour.Determine the speed of the train in m/s using the speed formula?


The speed of the train

The distance covered by a train in meters =150 *1000m =150000m

Time taken by train in seconds =60*60 =3600 second

Using formula for speed

Speed =Distance /Time =150000/3600

=41.66 sec

The speed of the train is 41.66 m/s


Using the speed formula calculate the speed of a person in kilometers per hour if the distance he travels is 80 kilometers in 3 hours?


The formula for speed is (speed =Distance / Time)

Distance =80 kilometer

Time = 3 hours

Speed = (80/3) km /hr

=26 kilometers per hour

The speed of the person is 26 kilometers per hour


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