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Wire size
Calculation of voltage drop
Calculation of current
Calculation of voltage
Calculation of active power
Calculation of apparent power
Calculation of reactive power
Calculation of power factor
Calculation of resistance
Maximum wire length
Current carrying capacity of insulated conductors
Current carrying capacity of bare conductors
Conduit fill
Sizing the circuit breaker
Operating current
Power factor correction
Power factor correction of transformer MV/LV
Capacitor power at different voltage
Earthing system
Short circuit current
Short-circuit current min (approximate method)
Short circuit current with transformer substation
Conductor resistance

Get More Electrical Concept And Interview Questions By Using This Link

Resistor color code
Inductor color code
Resistor colors from value
SMD resistor code
Capacitor code
Sum resistors
Sum capacitors
Resonant frequency
Voltage divider
Current divider
Zener diode as voltage stabiliser
Resistance to reduce voltage
Resistance for led
Battery life
Primary/Secondary winding of transformer
Antenna length
CCTV Harddrive/Bandwidth calculator
Temperature sensors (PT/NI/CU, NTC, Thermocouples…)
Analog signal values
Joule effect
Fault current of strings
Motor from three-phase to single-phase
Capacitor start motor single-phase
Motor efficiency
Motor speed
Motor slip
Maximum torque
Motor full-load current
Diagrams of the three-phase motor (6 leads)
Diagrams of the three-phase motor (9 leads)
Diagrams of the three-phase motor (12 leads)
Δ-Y conversion
Power conversion
AWG/mm² conversion table
Section conversion
Length conversion
Voltage (Amplitude) conversion
sin/cos/tan/φ conversion
Energy conversion
Temperature conversion
Pressure conversion
Ah – kWh conversion
Gauss – Tesla conversion
RPM – rad/s – m/s conversion
Torque conversion
Byte conversion
Angle conversion
Fuses application categories
UL/CSA fuse class
Tripping curves
Table of cables reactance
Table of resistivity and conductivity
Table of unitary voltage drop
IP/IK/NEMA protection classes
Appliance classes
CCTV resolutions
Thermocouple colour codes and data
ANSI standard device numbers
Electrical symbols
Electricity around the world
Plug and socket types
IEC 60320 connectors
Wiring color codes
SI Prefixes
Units of measurement
Pipes dimensions
Ethernet wiring (RJ-45)
Pinout Ethernet with PoE
Pinout Scart
Pinout USB
Pinout HDMI
Pinout VGA
Pinout DVI
Pinout RS-232
Pinout FireWire (IEEE1394)
Pinout Molex
Pinout Sata
Pinout Apple Lightning
Pinout Apple Dock Connector
Pinout PS/2
Fiber optic color code
Pinout led
Pinout Raspberry PI
Pinout ISO 10487 (Car audio)
Pinout XLR (Audio/DMX)
Pinout MIDI
Pinout Thunderbolt
Pinout SD Card
Pinout Sim Card

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  41. Why PT and CT Terminals are Star Connected
  42. Why Stones are used in Transformer Yard & Switchyard?
  43. Why Tertiary Winding is used in transformer?
  44. Why VFD Duty Motor Frame Size is Higher Than Normal Motor
  45. Why we should not give dc supply to Transformer
  46. Why Wind Turbine Has Only Three Blades Not More or Less
  47. Why Zig-Zag Winding Transformer Used
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