Wire Resistance Calculator, Formula, Calculation With Example

Wire Resistance Calculator:

This wire resistance calculator can quickly calculate the electrical properties of a particular wire – its resistance and conductivity.

For example, you will learn how to estimate the resistance of a wire using the resistance formula known as Pouillet’s Law.

One of the conductors is copper, which is found in almost every electrical device.

  • Find out what is the conductivity of copper and the resistivity of copper and what units of resistivity and conductivity units to use.
  • Below are simple steps to find wire conductance and resistance.
  • Get the type of wire material, its length and area.
  • Multiply the resistance of the object by its length.
  • Divide the product by the area of ​​the wire to get its resistance.
  • Find the resonance of the resistance to check the wire conductance value.

Wire resistance is defined as the property of a wire that resists the flow of current.

Resistivity is nothing but the resistance offered by a material per unit length per unit cross-sectional area. The higher the resistance of the material, the more difficult it is for current to flow.

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Electrical conductivity is defined as the amount of voltage required to allow electricity to flow.

Wire Resistance Formula:

Wire Resistance R(oh) in ohms is equal to the resistivity of the material ρ (Ωm) in ohms per meter and multiply the wire length L(m) in meter and divided by cross – sectional area of the wire A(m2) in meter2.Hence the Wire Resistance formula can be written as

R(oh)(Ωm) *L(m) /A(m2)

G =σ A /L

R = 1/G


R = is the Resistance

σ =is the conductivity

ρ = is the resistivity of the material

L= is the wire length

A= is the cross – sectional area of the wire

G= is the conductance


Calculate the resistance and conductance of the material whose resistivity is 4.5Ωm and conductivity is 0.48 s/m.The aluminium wire length is 20m and cross sectional area is 4m2?


Given that

Resistivity of the wire ρ =4.5Ωm

Conductivity of the wire σ = 0.48 s /m

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Wire length L =20m

Cross – sectional area A = 4m2

Resistance of the material R =ρ*L /A

R =(4.5 * 20 ) / 4

R=90 / 4

R =22.5Ω

Conductance G =1/R

=1/ 22.5

=0.0444 s

Therefore, the resistance and conductance of the wire is 22.5Ω and 0.0444 s


Calculate the resistivity 0.0000000244 and length 95 m and Area 60m2.Find the Resistance value?


Resistivity ρ =0.0000000244

Length =95m

Area =60 m2

Resistance = ρ *L /A

=0.0000000244 *95 / 60

=0.00000038633 Ω


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