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Weight On Other Planets Calculator:

Enter the Gravitational Force, Mass, radius, gravitational constant, then press the calculate button to get the weight of the planets.

Gravitational Force: m/s2
Gravitational Constant: N
Mass: Kg
Radius: Meter
Weight of Plants: Kg

Weight on Other Planets Calculator You can check how much you would weigh if you landed on another planet in our solar system.

One day we can travel around the solar system as if we were traveling abroad. However, certain planets will change our weight.

Depending on where we land, we may weigh only a fraction of what we weigh on Earth. Or if we choose to fly to Jupiter, we’ll feel depressed and suddenly overweight. Those will be some exciting times.

Weight On Other Planets Formula:

Weight On Other Planets Calculator formula is given by,

Gravitational force F(m/s2) in meter per second square is equal to the product of the gravitational constant G(N) in Newtons kg-2 m2, is multiply the planet mass M(kg) in kilogram is divided by the planet radius r(m)2 in meter. Hence the weight on other planets calculator has been written as,

F(m/s2) = G(Nkg-2 m2) M(kg) m(kg) / r(m)2


F is the gravitational force m/s2

G is the gravitational constant N

M is the planet mass kg

R is the planet radius meter

The formula to find person weight on other planets is weight = mass * surface gravity.

Examples :

Example 1:

If a person weights 50 kgs on the earth , find his weight on other planets?

Solution :

Weight of the person on earth = 50 kgs

Weight on other planets is weight = mass * surface gravity

Weight on venus = 50 * 0.91 = 45.5 kgs

Weight on mercury = 50 * 0.38 = 19 kgs

Weight on mars = 50 * 0.38 = 19 kgs

Weight on jupitar = 50 * 2.34 = 117 kgs

Weight on moon = 50 * 0.167 = 8.35 kgs

Weight on Saturn  = 50 * 0.93 = 46.5 kgs

Weight on Neptune = 50 * 1.12 = 56 kgs

Example 2:

How much would a person of 65kg weight on moon?

Solution :

The weight of the person on earth = 65 kg

The surface gravity of the moon = 0.167

The  weight of person on moon = 65 * 0.167 = 10 .855 kg.

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