Watts to Amps Calculator, Formula W to A Conversion

Watts to Amps Conversion:

This watts to amps calculator is also known as amps to watts calculator or amperage calculator. It helps to understand how to calculate the watts of a circuit depending on the type of current.

Learn about converting watts to amps and vice versa and the differences between line-to-line and line-to-neutral voltage configurations used for three-phase currents. See more sections to know how to convert watts to amps, their formulas and solved example questions.

  • Get power and voltage.
  • Divide the voltage by the volts in watts to get the DC amps.
  • Get the power factor method volts.
  • To get amps in AC, divide the power by the product.

Watts to Amps Formula:

Watts to amps formula current I(A) in Ampere is equal to the power P(w) in watts and multiply the voltage V(v) in volts.Hence the watts to amps formula can be written as

I(A)= P(w) *V(v)


Ac single phase watts to amps

I= P / (PF *V)

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Ac three phase watts to amps

I= P/ (√ 3* PF *V)

I= is the current in amps

P= is the power in watts

PF= is the power factor

V= is the voltage in volts


Convert 45 watts having 18v and 4 power factor to single phase Ac amps


Given that

Power P =45 w

Voltage  v = 18V

Power factor PF = 4

Current I = P / (PF *V)

I= 45 / (4 * 18 )



Therefore, single phase Ac amps is 0.625 A


Convert 23 watts having  20 v power factor to single phase Dc amps?


Power =23w

Voltage =20v

By using formula

I= P *V


I=1.15 Ampere


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