Water Density Formula, Calculator, Calculation, Example

Water Density:

Water density calculator easily find the density of salt water, You can tell if the object floats or sinks in salt water. This instrument takes temperature, salinity and pressure data to determine the density of salt water.

Water Density Calculator:


Use this simple tool to determine whether an object floats or sinks in salt water and the density of salt water. Water density calculator provides result in seconds.

Check out the step-by-step process to find salt water density and formulas here. Below are some simple steps you should check when determining the density of salt water.

Get temperature, water salinity and pressure. Check the formula for calculating the density of sea water. Change the values ​​in the formula.

Solve the equation to get the density value of water.

Water Density Formula:

Water density formula p(kg/m3) in kilogram per meter3 is equal to the mass of the substance(a) in atom and divide by the volume of the substance(m3) in meter3.Hence the water density formula can be written as

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The  formula to calculate density is p(kg/m3)=mass of the substance(a) /volume of the substance(m3)

The density of any substance is defined as the ratio of the mass of the substance to its volume. The symbol ρ represents the density. The units of density of water are kg/m3, lb/ft3, g/ml or g//cm3.

P(T)=P+ a1*T+a2*T2+a3*T3+a4 *T4+a5 *T5

Density of water depends on temperature and pressure. The change in density with change in temperature is due to thermal expansion,

It states that the amount of space occupied by a substance increases as the temperature increases.

Therefore, the mass of water is constant, but an increase in volume increases the density.

Due to the enigmatic nature of water, it reaches a maximum density of 4°C. Equation for obtaining temperatures

The value of the coefficients are p=999.83311 kg/m2

A1=0.0752 kg/m2/m3 c,

A2=-0.0089 kg/m2/m3 c2,

A3=7.36413*10-5 kg/m2/m3 c3,

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A4=4.74639*10-7 kg/m2/m3 c4,

A4=1.34888*10-9 kg/m2/m3 c5,


The amount of salt present in the salt water is called the salinity.The units are ppt , or per mile %

Salinity formula is S=m1/(m+m)


m=is the pure water mass

m1=is the salt water mass

Salt water Density:

Salt water density depends  on the temperature , salinity and pressure of the water.Its formula is


p(T)=is the pure water density

The density of salt water increases with higher salinity,more external pressure


What is the densiy of water at 45c of salinity s=22% and under the pressure of 2 atom?


Given that

Temperature T=45c

Salinity s=22%


The density of water=1.006.4kg/m3


What is the densiy of water at 28c of salinity s=0.5% and under the pressure of 1 atom?


Given that

Temperature T=28c

Salinity s=0.5%

Pressure=1 atm

The density of water=996.73 kg/m3


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