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Velocity Formula

This velocity calculator uses the equation that an object’s final velocity is equal to its initial velocity multiplied by its acceleration multiplied by the time of travel.

This calculator assumes constant acceleration during travel. Use this calculator to find initial velocity, final velocity, acceleration or time as long as three variables are known.

Velocity Calculator Formula is given by,

final velocity of object V (m/s)  in meter per second is equal to the product of the initial velocity of object u(m/s)  in meter per second is the addition of the acceleration a(m/s2) in meter per second square is multibly by the time taken t(s)  in seconds.Hence the velocity calculator formula has been written as,

V(m/s) = u(m/s) + a(m/s2) t(s)

if acceleration ,distance,and initial velocity are given, then final velocity is,

V2(m/s) = u2(m/s) + 2 a(m/s2) t(s)


V is the final velocity of object m/s

U is the initial velocity of object m/s

a is the acceleration m/s2

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t is the time taken s

s is the  distance in m

Velocity Calculation:

Example 1:

Henry begins the bicycle ride with the initial velocity of 6m/s and it travels with an acceleration of 3m/s2 up to 5 seconds. Calculate the final velocity?

Solution :

initial velocity = 6 m/s

acceleration = 3 m/s2

time taken = 5 seconds

final velocity formula is

v = u + at

put those values in the above formula

v =6 + 3 * 5

v = 6 + 15

v = 21

final velocity of henry is 21 m/s.

Example 2:

A car approaching a school zone slows down from 25 m/s to 5 m/s with constant acccelertion -3 m/s2 .how much time is required to slow down to final velocity?

initial velocity = 25 m/s

acceleration = -3 m/s

velocity = 5 m/s

v = u + at

v – u = at

(v- u)/ a= t

Plugging in the known values we get,

t = (v-u) /a

t = (5-25) / -3

t = -20 /-3

t = 17 s.


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