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Torricelli’s Law:

Torricelli was interested in various aspects of physics and mathematics and Torricelli’s theorem was one of his greatest achievements.

The law explains the relationship between the fluid exiting a hole and the height of the fluid in that container.

If you hold a container filled with liquid with small holes in the bottom of the container, the liquid will escape through the hole at the same speed as if it were dropped from the same height to the level of the hole. If the fluid is dropped from a height “h”, it will have a velocity “v” and this velocity “v” is the same speed as the fluid exits the hole “h” the height of the fluid is the same speed. Container.

It is an excellent fluid, This means that the fluid is incompressible, viscous and laminar flow. These factors cannot be ignored.

Because the same rules cannot be applied to non-fluids as their viscosity and flow are not uniform throughout the fluid.

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Torricelli’s Formula:

Torricelli’s law is the speed of liquid V(m/s-1) in meter per second-1  is equal to the root of the two and multiply the gravitational acceleration g(m/s2) in meter per second2 and multiply the liquid’s height over reference point h(m) in meter.Hence the Torricelli’s law formula can be written as

V(m/s-1) = √(2*g(m/s2)*h(m))


V2 /2 +gh +p / ρ = constant


V= is speed of liquid in

G =denotes gravitational acceleration

H= shows liquid’s height over reference point

ρ = is density

P= is equal to atmospheric pressure at the top of the container

V is considered as “0” and “p” atmospheric pressure at opening h=0

Gh+ Patm / ρ = V2  / 2 + patm / ρ

V2 = 2* g *h

V = √(2*g*h)


Calculate the height 85  m.Find the speed of liquid?


Height =85m

V = √(2*g*h)

V =  √(2*9.8 *85)

V=40.18 m/s-1


Calculate the height 5.24  m.Find the speed of liquid?


Height =5.24m

V = √(2*g*h)

V =  √(2*9.8 *5.24)

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V=10.13 m/s-1


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