TNEB Reading (unit) Calculator Online

TNEB Reading Unit Calculator:

Enter the initial reading & final reading, then press the calculate button to get TNEB final unit consumption. Also, you will get the total electricity bill value.

Enter Final Meter Reading: kWh
Enter Initial Meter Reading: kWh
Result – Total Unit Consumed: kWh
Result – TNEB Bill Amount: Rs

TNEB Reading Calculation:

The total unit consumption is equal to the difference between the Final reading and the initial reading. Here initial reading is nothing but a previous month’s final reading and final reading is nothing but the latest reading which will be displayed in the TNEB meter.

Total Consumption = Final meter reading – initial reading


April month final reading is 2451.56 kWh; May month final reading is 3781.78 kWh. Calculate the total power consumption for the month of May & what would be the final TNEB bill for the month of May.

Here, if you want to calculate the reading for the month of May means, the April month’s final reading would be the initial reading of the May month calculations.

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The total power consumption for the month of May = May month final reading – April month final reading.

May month consumption = 3781.78 – 2451.56 = 1330.22 Units.

As per our example, the total power consumption is 1330.22 kWh

TNEB Bill Calculation:

Let we find the total bill amount as per TNEB price.

Unit Range Per unit Allowed Unit Units
100 100
101-200 3.5 100 350
201-500 4.6 300 1380
above 501 6.6 830.22 5479.452
Fixed Cost 50
Total 7259.452

The total EB bill will be 7259 /-

Here Fixed cost will be charged in each billing cycle.



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