Thermal Expansion Calculator, Formula, Calculation, Example

Thermal Expansion Calculator:

Every substance is made up of molecules, More or less densely packed together. When we increase the temperature of matter, we are actually imparting energy. Obviously, the energy cannot disappear; It converts its form into kinetic energy. As the molecules have more kinetic energy, they start moving more.

You can imagine that the more they move, the farther they have to stay. As the separation between molecules increases, the material expands.

The idea behind this thermal expansion calculator is simple: when you heat a material, it expands. If you cool it, it shrinks. How much though? Well, it depends on a property of the material called “coefficient of thermal expansion”. In this article, we explain this concept in more detail.

Thermal Expansion Formula:

Thermal expansion equation is linear expansion ΔL(m) in meter is equal to the linear expansion coefficient a(k) in Kelvin and multiply  the initial length L1(m) in meter and multiply the final temperature T2 (0c) in degree Celsius  and minus the initial temperature T1(0c) in degree Celsius .Hence the linear expansion formula can be written as

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Linear expansion ΔL(m)=a(k)*L1(m)(T2 (0c) -T1(0c))

Volumetric expansion Δv=b *v1(T2-T1)

T1=is the initial temperature in c

T2=is the final temperature in c

ΔL=is the change in object’s length in meter

L1=is the initial length in meter

A=is the linear expansion coefficient in kelvin

Δv=is the change in object’s volume

V1=is the initial volume and

B=is the volumetric expansion coefficient


Calculate the initial length 100m and final length 200m and initial temperature 80c  and final temperature 100c.Find linear expansion value?






By using formula

ΔL(L2-L1)=is the change in object’s length

a= ΔL(m)/L1(m)(T2 (0c) -T1(0c))

a=0.051 k


Calculate the initial volume 45 m3, finial volume 200m3 and initial temperature 50c and final temperature 100c.Find the volumetric expansion value?




v1=45 m3


By using formula

Δv(L2-L1)=is the change in object’s length

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b= Δv(m3)/v1(m)(T2 (0c) -T1(0c))

a=0.068888888888888891/ k


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