Specific Latent Heat Calculator, Formula, Calculation, Example

Specific Latent Heat Calculator:

The specific latent heat of a substance refers to the absorption or release of heat energy during a change in the physical state of the substance at constant temperature and pressure.

The term was first coined by Scottish chemist Joseph Black.

The SI unit of latent heat is the joule. The amount of energy required to change 1 kg of water from solid to liquid is called specific heat.

Calculate specific latent heat using thermal energy and mass with this online calculator.

Enter mass, substance, specific latent Heat, then the calculator automatically calculates the value of the Latent Heat.


Specific Latent Heat Formula:

Specific latent Heat formula L(kj/kg) in kilojoule per kilogram is equal to the Energy Q(kj) in kilojoule  and divided by the mass m(kg) in kilogram.Hence the specific latent heat formula can be written as


L=specific latent Heat in kj/kg

Q=Energy in Heat in kj

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M=mass in kg

Specific Latent Heat Example:1

Calculate the mass 85 and 25 kj find the specific latent heat ?


Energy in heat q=25kj

Mass m=85kg

Specific latent het L=Q/m



Calculate the mass 48 and 12 kj find the specific latent heat ?


Energy in heat q=48kj

Mass m=12kg

Specific latent het L=Q/m

L=48/12=4 kj/kg


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