Shockley Diode Calculator, Formula, Calculation Shockley Diode Current

Shockley Diode Calculator:

A diode is an electronic device that allows current to flow in only one direction. A p-n junction is required to allow current to flow in one direction.

The Shockley Diode Calculator allows you to calculate the voltage drop or current flowing through an actual diode, knowing the other value. See a detailed explanation of how to find the current flowing through a diode and the Shockley diode equation.

Here is a simple step-by-step procedure on how to calculate the amount of current flowing through a real diode, the voltage drop.

Follow these guidelines and solve the questions easily. Find the actual diode saturation current, thermal voltage, emission coefficient and voltage drop.

Divide the voltage drop by the product of the emission coefficient and the thermal voltage. Find the exponential of the obtained value and reduce it by 1.

To check the current flow, multiply the result by the reverse saturation current.
Enter Emission coefficient, Is (Reverse) Saturation current, Vt Thermal voltage, Voltage Drop then the Shockley Diode Calculator will calculate the value give you the result.

Shockley Diode Formula:

Shockley diode the current flowing through the diode I(A) in Ampere is equal to the  saturation current Is(A)  in Ampere and multiply the electron voltage drop and divided by the meter and multiply the  thermal voltage addition 1 .Hence Shockley diode equation can be written as,

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I(A)= Is(A) * ( e(vd/m*vt)-1 )


I= is the current flowing through the diode

Is = is the saturation current

Vd =voltage drop

Vt= is thermal voltage

N=is emission coefficient

Shockley Diode Calculation:

An idea diode has a saturation current of 25A, thermal voltage 240v and the voltage drop is 120V.Find the current flowing through the diode using Shockley diode equation?


Given that,

Saturation current Is = 25A

Thermal voltage vt =240V

Emission coefficient for ideal diode n =1

Voltage drop vd =120 v

Substitute the given values

I= 25 * ( e120/1*240-1 )

I=25 * (e28800-1)

I=25 * (e28800-1)


Therefore, the current flowing ideal diode is 71.99A


Calculate  saturation current 3A ,voltage drop 7V,thermal voltage 7V,emission coefficient 1.Find the I  value?


Is =3A

Vd =7V

Vt =7v


By using formula

I= Is * ( e(vd/m*vt)-1 )

Current (I) = 3 * (exp (7/1*7)-1)

Current I = 5.1548 A


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