RLC Circuit Formula, Calculator, Calculation of Q-factor With Example

RLC Circuit Calculator:

Find the characteristic frequency and Q-factor of an RLC circuit with this RLC circuit calculator.

RLC circuits and what is the resonant frequency of an RLC circuit, sometimes abbreviated as RLC circuit frequency. You will also find out what q is for an RLC circuit.

See steps to easily calculate Q-factor, resonant frequency of any RLC circuit. Follow these guidelines to get the release.

  • Find the square root of the product of inductance and capacitance.
  • Multiply the value by 2π.
  • Obtain the reciprocal of the result to check the characteristic frequency.
  • Divide the inductance by the capacitance and use the square root of it.
  • Multiply the result by the impedance of the resistor to get the Q-factor value.

An RLC circuit is a circuit or device that consists of three components: resistance, inductance and capacitance. All these components are connected in series or parallel.

RLC circuits are widely used to convert DC signals to AC signals in turning circuits, filters, and oscillator circuits for analog radios.

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RLC circuit formula:

RLC circuit formula is the frequency F (Hz) in Hertz is equal to the one divided by the 2 π value 3.14 and multiply the root of inductance L(H) in Henry and multiply the capacitance C(f) in farad.Hence  the RLC circuit formula can be written as

F (Hz)= 1/  [2 π * √ (L(H) *C(f))]

The second characteristic number of the RLC circuit  is Q factor .It formula is

Q = 1/R * √ (L/c)


R = is the resistance

L=is the inductance

C = is the capacitance

F= is the resonant frequency

Q= is the Q-factor


A series RLC  circuit is having resistance 25 Ω, inductance 45 H and capacitance 60F.Find the circuit resonant frequency and Q factor?


Given that

Resistance R=25 Ω

Capacitance c =60F

Inductance L=45H

Resonant Frequency f = 1/ ( 2π *√ (L *C)]

=1/ ( 2π *√ (45 * 60)

=1/( 2π * 51.961)


=326.48 *10-3

Q factor Q = 1/R * √ (L *C)]

Q= 1/25 *√ (45*60)

Q=1/25 *51.961


Therefore, the resonant frequency of RLC circuit  is 326.48 *10-3 HZ Q factor is 2.07844

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Calculate the inductance 70H, capacitance 45F.Find the f value?


Inductance L =70H

Capacitance C=45F

By using formula

f = 1/ ( 2π *√ (L *C)]

f = 1/ (2π *√ 70*45)]

frequency f =0.0028371 HZ


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